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​Relaxing Massages in the Island of Happiness... Only 5 Minutes from Downtown

In one of the most frequented places in Budapest​, you can find our professional Hungarian massage salon​, Happy Massage, that meets every need.

Premium ​massages, and reasonable ​prices in Budapest's best erotic massage salon!

Happy Massage is located in a luxurious environment and a beautiful new ​apartman in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. 

​MASSAGE Booking only by phone or online! No direct access from the street! ​DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE solarium ​OR beauty salon BELOW OUR ​APARTMAN!

Here you can find ​everything you need for a perfect ​erotic massage in downtown Budapest: mood lighting, soft music, candlelight, beautiful girls, pleasing fragrances and velvety body oils provide a relaxing atmosphere

Also, for pampering your body, you can choose from professional massage pads and comfortable tatamis. 

NEW! In ​the massage rooms of Happy Massage, two huge 22-square-feet LED mirrors are placed to enhance your experience!

Needless to say, both before and after massages you can have a shower: spacious bathrooms, 10 different premium shower gels, soft towels and pretty masseuses await you.

It's no coincidence that ​according to our guests, Happy Massage ​is ​one of the best erotic massage ​salon in Budapest, Hungary.

​Erotic Massage and Traditional Massage in Budapest

​Do you want to try the ultimate massage experience with a touch of erotica?

Are you looking for a traditional ​massage? 

Or maybe both? 

You have come to the right place. ​The massage programs of Happy Massage include many types of erotic and traditional massages, for example: 

  • slippery massage
  • 4 handed massage
  • fetish massage
  • lingam massage
  • tantra massage
  • ​Swedish Massage
  • ​refreshing massage

​C​heck out the full range of massage types available at Happy Massage.

Ideal Location and Parking

If you arrive by car, we guarantee that you will ALWAYS find available parking lots within 20 meters in front of Happy Massage. So, it’s not necessary to arrive earlier.

​What Our ​Guests Say

Nothing special

Pamela is beautiful (10/10), but delivers very poor massage (2/10). Basically, it is not a massage, but just putting oil on the body. During the “massage”, it was very loud in the other part of the apartment: people were speaking and coughing and it was simply impossible to relax (0/10). I paid 90 min., but effectively it lasted around 60. While going out, you meet other people,so no discretion. Overall rating 2/10. Not recommended!!!


Amazingly breathtaking 4-hands-Massage!

I booked a two-hour-two-girls-massage with Kinga and Pamela. I never had such a awesome massage in my life! Both are incredibly experienced!!! I will definetly return! (Already booked a session again!!
Thank you, Kinga and Pamela!


Perfekt Service

Al what i can das ist … It was wonderful … Special Lara …. Every Seconds was a journy to deep Feeling. Thx Lara



I visited today and they were friendly and good service


Being taken to heaven by Venus

Had the best of times in Venus’ company for 2 hours. Never experienced a massage like it! She said she’d take me to the stars, but she took me to another galaxy! There was just such a brilliant vibe, with Venus sensing my needs and desires. Pity I was only staying in Budapest for a few days. But then, just as well, otherwise I’d be broke by now! Book an appointment with Venus. You won’t regret it.


Not what I was expecting

I meet Sofia few days ago but I cannot said I was 100% satisfied. The massage was poor and the body-to-body massage is not resuming only at putting her boobs over my chest. Totally disappointed. Not recommended


Why Choose Happy Massage Budapest?

  • ​You will meet ​professional masseuse girls​ who ​are eager to give you an unforgettable ​erotic and sensual experience (​please note that they DO NOT offer any kind of sexual services; erotic massage is not a sex massage)
  • ​You can find real, non-retouched images of all masseuses on the Happy Massage website, so you will not be disappointed
  • ​Due to ​strict quality control, you can always relax in a perfectly clean luxury environment when you visit Budapest
  • ​You can book ​your massages online or by phone
  • ​You will meet only impeccable, trustworthy, well-groomed and healthy massage girls
  • Online customer service is available 24/7, and you can call ​Happy Massage every day from 8 AM to 10 PM
  • ​You can always find available parking lots within 20 meters in front of ​Happy Massage, so, it’s not necessary to leave your hotel earlier
  • ​All you can drink: Cola, Zero Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Cappy (orange, apple, peach), Szentkirályi (still or sparkling)

​Why ​Shouldn't You ​Choose Brothels?

​Happy Massage has long been distancing itself from those prostitutes (calling themselves masseuses) who provide erotic massages by oral sex.

In Hungary, oral sex is ILLEGAL, PUNISHABLE and potentially INFECTIOUS!

Happy Massage does not employ masseuses who have previously worked as a prostitute. And we immediately dismiss those girls who demonstrably provide sexual services in our ​salon.

Certainly, this is in our common interest. Our demanding guests expect that impeccable, ​professional and trustworthy masseuses provide them an unforgettable ​massage experience.

​Kindly note that we ​DO NOT offer classic or oral sex. No exceptions!

Therefore, please do not insult our massage girls by asking ​​for sexual services!






























Amennyiben autóval érkezik hozzánk, egyszerű dolga lesz: garantáljuk, hogy szalonunk előtt MINDIG talál szabad parkolóhelyet, mindössze 265Ft/h áron - a parkolási nehézségek miatt tehát nem szükséges korábban útnak idulnia. Amennyiben a BKK járatait választja, szalonunkhoz legközelebb M3-as metró Dózsa György úti megállója, vagy a 75-ös troli „Dráva utca” megállója található.
Önnek csak egy dolga marad: fesztelenül élvezni masszőzeink kényeztetését!