​Erotic and Traditional Massages

Erotic massage or classic massages in Budapest? You decide. Actually, you can choose both at our parlor. Check out our professional and beautiful masseuses here.

We offer lingam massage, tantra massage, body to body massage, Swedish massage and refreshing massage. ​

You can choose from the following massage types when you visit us. 

​Traditional massages

​The aim of these massages is to help you relax and restore your energy after a stressful day.

​Swedish massage

The most commonly used methods in Swedish massage are kneading, rubbing, smoothing and vibrating movements.

The masseuse first ensures general relaxation of the body by using surface and deep movements, then rubs the massage oil onto the body smoothly. Deep movements are always directed towards the heart, which helps to circulate blood and body fluids.

After the smoothing movements, kneading follows on the back, upper chest, leg, and thigh. Kneeling relaxes the muscles, separates rigid muscle fibers, enhances the blood supply to the muscles, and stimulates blood circulation. The vibrating movements relax and stimulate.

To tone muscles, various forms of tapping are used, which can be strong, mild, slow or fast. Rubbing is performed with two fingers at specific points on the body.

Swedish massage is usually done on a massage bed and during the massage, guests are offered massage oils or massage creams.

Budapest erotic massage

​Refreshing massage

​Everyday stress leads to exhaustion that cannot be remedied even with a hearty sleep. In such a case, our body – reaching the limit of its ability to tolerate – simply gives up the fight and is no longer willing to exert itself.

Of course, there are quick solutions to this as well, remedies that provide new energy to help our body through the deadlock, but in the longer term, they do more harm than good.

The perfect solution, if we cannot change our lifestyle, is a relaxing and sensual refreshing massage that is worth more than any pills or tablets!

During this special massage, we first promote relaxation, which results in energy and well-being. Both the body and soul are renewed.

With the special mix of Swedish and lymphatic massage elements and the combination of soft movements and velvety creams and oils, you can drastically rejuvenate the body and relax your mind as needed.

The primary purpose of this massage is to relax the muscles, resolve the possible spasms, eliminate stress, and create complete physical and spiritual harmony.

Budapest erotic massage

​Erotic massages

​​These are not sex massages but therapeutic massages spiced up with ​a touch of erotica.

​Tantric massage

Tantric massage is the caress of the soul through the body. The emphasis is on the soft caress and the sensual touches.

The point is not to loosen up the tight muscles, but to create a pleasant and relaxed state and invoke the sensual pleasures.

During the tantric massage, our cells fill up with life, rejuvenate, and you can improve your ability to enjoy life. Music, smells, and intimate lights can take you to a special space: with the rise of an emotional state, the body refreshes, rejuvenates, and the flow of energies rises.

Tantric massage is an intimate erotic cure that dissolves sexual problems and allows the flow of energy.

During the massage, the point is not to arouse desire, but to experience the way leading there. Tantra is nothing but love and awareness based on understanding of life.

Tantric massage is about the five senses that you can trigger and start the inner journey into yourself, which reveals the pure reality. This massage contributes to health, is able to treat impotence and prostate problems, and helps you to avoid the adverse effects of stress.

Body, spirit, and soul form a single unit – tantric massage is based on this principle. The soft rhythmic movements open up the emotions and energies throughout the body.

Tantric massage also involves the groin and creates an intense desire before orgasm. The deliberately built tantric, erotic massage aims to activate sexual energy and to circulate, extend and stabilize it in the whole physical, energetic and emotional body.

Slow, sensual, long-lasting movements on the entire skin help stimulate sensation and achieve high excitement.

Tantric massage is a full-bodied, oily massage that ends with a lingam massage.

Budapest erotic massage

​​Lingam massage

​Lingam massage is one of the erotic massages.

During lingam massage, the penis, the testicles, and the penis are massaged with special methods and techniques that an average person may not necessarily perform well.

Lingam massage begins with the gentle stroking of the legs, thighs, chest, nipples, whereby the entire body relaxes and prepares for the tantric experience.

An essential tool for lingam massage is the oil that the masseuse uses on the entire body for a full experience. ​Based on the technique, the scrotum and the testicles should be gently massaged first, then the masseuse can slowly move to the part above the penis. 

It is a normal phenomenon when the penis occasionally limps and then becomes stiff again – this is the two endpoints of pleasure and gives men a great enjoyment. Although it may sound weird, let's not forget that the point is pure joy and not orgasm.

During lingam massage, you can learn how to regulate your ejaculation. In tantric massage, ejaculation is not the same as the orgasm: the latter can be experienced several times, and this can be learned through lingam massage!

In addition, some health problems can be effectively treated with this special massage technique because the stimulation of the nerve endings in the penis has beneficial effects on the rest of the body. 

Contrary to popular belief, lingam massage is NOT sex massage. Actually, it can be defined as a therapeutic massage because it can be used to treat a great deal of sexual and chronic male illnesses supported by countless studies, researches, and therapies.

Lingam massage can be used to remedy men's health problems such as testicle pain, impotence, and premature ejaculation, thus increasing the quality of life for men.

Unfortunately, in today's world it is almost a taboo to talk about (or manage) male sexual problems, so often the above problems will never be solved, leading to frustration, minority complexity, social and partnership problems.