​Frequently Asked Questions

​Is there any ch​​​​ance for sex in the parlor?

No, ​definitely not. Our employees are masseuses, not prostitutes. Any kind of sexual activity is strictly prohibited. If this rule is violated by any of our colleagues, they must immediately leave Happy Massage.

Is there any chance for oral sex in the parlor?

No, ​definitely not. Our employees are masseuses, not prostitutes. Any kind of sexual activity is strictly prohibited. If this rule is violated by any of our colleagues, they must immediately leave Happy Massage.

How discret​​​​e is the parlor? Can anybody see me if I visit Happy Massage?

We guarantee maximum discretion, and our parlor was built in a brand-new luxury apartment, not in any flashy premises in the street.

The parlor is not marked so nobody will know exactly where you are going - but you will simply find us because you will receive accurate guidance upon check-in.

Can I come with my friends?

Sure, but since our parlor has three massage rooms, you can reserve up to three people at a time.

Also because of discretion, it is important that if more people come, we will be able to let you enter one by one with 2-3 minutes difference.

Can I book outside of the opening hours?

Our parlor is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

In consultation with the chosen masseuse, you can arrange an appointment from 8 ​AM and no later than 11 PM.

Will I enjoy the massages on a tatami or a traditional massage pad?

We have classic massage pads and tatamis as well, so you can choose which one you would like to use.

Can I have a shower before/after the massage?

Yes, of course. Before the massage, it is obligatory to have a shower (for hygienic reasons), and after the massage, it is recommended as your skin will be oily/creamy.

Ten kinds of shower gels and high quality, absorbent, clean and fragrant towels will be at your disposal.

Do you have a bathtub or a shower room?

Both, so you can choose the one you would prefer.

Do you ​perform the massage with oil or cream?

Both are possible; please feel free to mention your preferred option to your masseuse before the massage.

Your street name appears on the website, but there are no house numbers. Why?

Due to discretion, we will give you the exact house number, doorbell number, floor number and door number upon check-in.

Can I park in front of the parlor?

Yes, you can find free parking space within 20 meters in front of the building, we guarantee this! You do not have to arrive earlier due to parking!

The parking is not free on workdays (it’s HUF 265 per hour), do not forget about paying the fee!

Can I get extra services from the masseuses for more money?

There is no ‘extra’ at Happy Massage. Please do not ask for this, do not offer any extra money. Our masseuses work with fixed prices, which include what they undertake on a preliminary arrangement (strictly sex-free services).

The package includes Swedish massage, lingam massage, but it is not possible to have any sexual activity, such as oral sex.

Our ladies are masseuses, not prostitutes, and they use exclusively their hands.

Which durations can I choose from?

30- and 60-minute programs are provided by all our masseuses. The 90-minute program is provided by almost all masseuses. Some masseuses offer a 120-minute program or more but this requires prior arrangement.

I cannot see exact prices on the website. Can I get a price list?

Our detailed price list can be sent by e-mail or you can check the prices in the online booking system.

Do all masseuses work at the same price?

Yes, we do not distinguish between our masseuses, everyone works with the same price.

Can I extend the massage duration, if I'm satisfied with the service?

Yes, if we have the capacity to do so. However, if another other guest visits your masseuse right after you, or the massage room is occupied for the next session, then the extension is not possible. That is why we recommend that you should arrange the exact time and duration with your masseuse.

How can I pay at Happy Massage?

You can pay only with cash. We accept Hungarian forint and Euro. We do not accept credit cards, checks or vouchers.

Should I pay before or after the massage?

Our service is based on mutual trust, so you should always pay after the massage.

Our masseuses cannot accept money from you in advance. Please do not take advantage of this, and be sure to have as much cash as you need for the service.

Can I give a tip?

Of course, if you are satisfied with the service you received, our masseuses will be happy to accept a tip from you. But if you give the exact amount of money, you can expect the same amount of attention next time.

Are your services illegal?

At Happy Massage – unlike other parlors – you can get strictly sex-free services (e.g. oral sex is forbidden).

The massages offered by us are based on traditional massage methods and they are legitimate services.

Who will I meet with during the massage program?

Due to the total discretion, you will only encounter your chosen masseuse during your entire stay. She will be at the entrance and she will also guide you to the exit at the end of the program.

Can I get a refreshment drink at Happy Massage?

Yes, our wide range of non-alcoholic beverages, for example, Cola, Zero Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Cappy (orange, apple, peach), Szentkirályi (still or sparkling) are at your disposal.

If you would like to have your refreshment on your way home, feel free to ask for your masseuse!

Can the masseuses be called to an apartment or a hotel?

No. Our masseuses only undertake a massage service in our luxury parlor, they do not go to an apartment, hotel, etc.

Is it possible to book two masseuses for the massage?

Yes, all of our masseuses can offer this service.

Do the masseuses accept females or couples?

Due to the nature of the massage, our masseuses offer their services only to male guests.

Should I call or use the online system for booking?

Both are perfect! If you come within 1 hour, we recommend that you contact us by telephone for faster communication. If you are coming within 2-3 hours or you are booking for days ahead, it’s enough to use the online system.

Your online booking will be finalized only after our confirmation.