Lingam Massage

Lingam massage may not be the most well-known practice of the Tantra tradition like tantra massage. But it is one of the most powerful one.

In this article, we’ll discuss a little bit about lingam massage benefits for energy and healing, and some lingam massage techniques that you can learn to practice yourself.

What is Lingam Massage?

It is essentially an ancient massage technique that focuses on the penis, massaging it to get benefits on a physical, physiological and energetic level.

This practice is not new; lingam massage history is as long as the Tantra tradition, which has been around for over 3,000 years. It comes to us from the Indus Valley of India and Pakistan. At the time, it was invented by yogis as part of holistic health promotion.

They believed that healing techniques should be applied to the whole body. Sexuality and sexual organs were no exception: they also had to be taken care of for an individual to feel completely well on all levels.

Today, it is still practiced by some experts to promote overall health and well-being, as well as a form of erotic massage. Indeed, though the act of practicing lingam is not inherently sexual, many do consider it an erotic act as it is meant to end in complete release through the male orgasm.

Lingam Massage

The Benefits of Lingam Massages

A lingam massage has a wealth of benefits on the body and mind, and is sometimes used as a cure for specific male problems.

In the first instance, a lingam massage is deeply relaxing. The recipient is encouraged to breathe deeply, and lies down on his back. As you receive the massage, tension dissolves from your whole body, not just from the target area, the “lingam” or penis.

But the effects of the massage are more than short term, with a lingam massage energy is released, and you can feel more aligned for days.

Finally, Tantra practitioners use lingam massage for healing common male sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation or penis desensitization.

When leaving a lingam massage, you are meant to feel energized, more at peace, less stressed, happier, and to have a much healthier and more pleasurable sex life.

Lingam Massage Techniques

A lingam massage involves some complicated technique, but it’s something everyone can learn to perform.

The first step is to promote relaxation in the receiver of the massage: the full benefits can only be achieved when you feel completely comfortable and are able to relax fully. To achieve that, the massage is usually given in a quiet, well-decorated room, with some relaxation music and candles or incense.

Our massage therapists are gentle with all their clients, treating you with a kind tone of voice and gentle gestures.

The massage starts as you are lying down on a comfortable surface, with your legs spread apart and knees bent.

Lingam Massage

The masseuse uses a massage oil on your penis and testicles, sometimes on your whole body. In the traditional Tantra tradition, coconut or hemp oil are most commonly used, but any lightly scented massage oil will do.

The massage then focuses on several areas: the testicles, the penis shaft, and the prostate. Each is stimulated in a slow and controlled manner, progressively increasing the pleasure experienced by you.

A combination of techniques is used; the masseuse may use one hand or both, and will alternate between massaging motions, and simple, up and down strokes. The prostate can be stimulated either internally, or externally. The end of the massage culminates in orgasm, with or without ejaculation.

After the massage, you will feel deeply relaxed and your energy channels will be more open, making you feel more enthusiastic and powerful. In your sex life, you will also feel more comfortable, experiencing more pleasure and not struggling with premature ejaculation.


Lingam massage is a very powerful Tantra technique that can help men liberate their inner flow of energy.

When practiced correctly, it is more than simply an erotic massage: it is a holistic healing practice that focuses on the whole person.

And its benefits don’t end with sexual health either: some men also experience a deep, emotional and spiritual release from the act as well.

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