Tantra Massage

You most likely heard about this type of massage online or at various massage parlors. But what is tantra massage and why should you care about it?

As you can imagine, there’s no easy answer to this, and in order to better understand what this massage can do for you, we need to learn more about where it comes from and how it was created.

Tantra Massage: A Short History

At its core, the tantra massage history is not that long. In fact, this type of massage was developed in Berlin in 1977, at least the modern variant.

Tantra massage is an erotic massage that uses elements from the neotantric movement and it brings them in the west. The idea here is that you can massage the erogenous zones of the human body, like the anus, vagina, and phallus.

While its name was established in the 20th century, this massage is a combination of multiple massage practices. And as you can imagine, some of them existed for centuries and even millennia. The massage techniques are incorporating elements of sexual therapy, bioenergy and yoga.

The trick here is that the massage receiver needs to surrender their body to discovering new emotions and feelings. It seamlessly adds in elements of deep relaxation while also solving issues related to sexual health and even self-esteem and relationship problems.

People asking what is tantra massage need to know that this massage comes from the work of Alexander Lowen, Carl Rogers, Carl Jung as well as Wilhelm Reich.

Tantra Massage

A Form of Erotic Massage

This type of massage has sexual connotations, but it doesn’t go through with them. That’s why we can easily define it as an erotic massage in nature.

It’s a very different form of massage and there are plenty of massage techniques, as you can imagine.

Tantra Massage Benefits

There are a plethora of different tantra massage benefits.

You get to boost your vitality, vigor and health. You can also solve sexual dysfunctions naturally. And yes, tantra massage makes you happy, it sparks a spiritual awakening while also relaxing your mind and ditching stress naturally.

It will also boost your energy levels naturally and with great success. Plus, you get to relax your heart and really take your life to the next level.

You can even use it to recover blocked emotions naturally.

Tantra Massage Techniques

You will find a multitude of energy systems that you can use at your disposal. The tantra massage techniques need to be adapted to each person.

Some of the most popular methods include the back side, hand slide, pull-ups, kneading, feather stroke, foot caress and many others. The idea here is to understand sexual desires that person has, and then adapt them as you see fit in a great massage experience.

You can use this massage for healing and to finally maintain a state of happiness and positivity.

As for massage oils, you should only use essential oils that offer a sense of relaxation. Lavender oil or tea tree oil are great, but there are many others similar to them that will work just nicely.

Tantra Massage

How Does It Feel After A Tantra Massage?

Once the massage techniques are applied and the session is over, you will feel happy, relaxed and you will cherish your life a lot more.

That’s what you want to pursue, a state of happiness and excitement, and with a tantra massage at Happy Massage you can definitely get that.


With tantra massage you can really take your health and happiness to the next level. Similarly to lingam massage, you can eliminate stress and anxiety, all while enjoying life more than before.

And last but not least, this massage can help solve your relationship issues and even sexual dysfunctions, so it’s well worth a try!

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